Benefits of Trusted Playback

In the relationship between Media Content Owners and Digitization Service Providers, the Trusted Playback Service offers advantages for both parties.

Trusted Playback Dashboard

Media Content Owner
  • quality of playback devices used for digitization becomes transparent for the first time and can also be monitored continuously by the Content Owner
  • the expected quality of playback devices can be explicitly defined and may become part of the contract between both parties
  • automatic monitoring of compliance with defined quality standards
  • standardized text templates are available for use in tenders and service level agreements
Digitization Service Provider
  • the generation of quality parameters is largely automated
  • replacement of spot-checks by a quasi-continuous monitoring
  • quality monitoring enables demand-driven maintenance services
  • storage of data and their graphical representation simplify long-term evaluations
  • added value of high-quality playback devices can be made transparent towards clients